XXXIII Meeting Internacional do Porto WOS

Junior National team beats record of 4x50 freestyle

Mon, 06/05/2017 - 16:47 -- cgraca

The Junior National Team established, this Saturday, a new national record in the age range 16-17 years in the 4x50 freestyle female, during the preliminary heats of the 33rd  Porto Wos International Meeting , that is taking place at the Swimming Complex of Campanhã.

The Portuguese quartet, formed by Ana Rita Faria, Inês Henriques, Raquel Pereira e Beatriz Viegas, accomplished the distance in 1.49,47, overcoming the previous  national maximum of 1.51,34, that belonged to Raquel Pereira, Ana Rita Faria, Tamila Holub e Madalena Azevedo established at the same competition the year before.

This morning was also marked by a new national meeting record in the 50 backstroke by Nelson Silva Júnior with the score of 26,27.

The finals will begin at 4.30 p.m.

The 33rd Porto Wos International Meeting is organized by Associação de Natação do Norte de Portugal and World of Sports, with the support of Porto Lazer, FC Porto and Junta de Freguesia de Campanhã.