XXXI Meeting Internacional do Porto


  1. Rules
    1. The competition is organised according to FINA and FPN regulations;
    2. It will be held on June 07th and June 08th 2014, at Campanhã Swimming Pool (50 m, 8 lanes, heated);
    3. The contest will be organised in two parts:
      1. Preliminary heats and slow heat (400mMedley/800mFreestyle/1500mFreestyle) in the morning sessions, according to the entry times;
      2. Finals A and fast heat (400mMedley/800mFreestyle/1500mFreestyle) in the afternoon sessions; Swimmers qualified with the 1 to 8 times in the Preliminary heats will perform Finals A (9 and 10 times are expected to be reserves);
    4. The 800, 1500 m Freestyle and 400 m Medley races are held at slow and fast heat. The best 16 entry times will only be admitted. This fast heat will be realized in afternoon session (8 best times) and the slow heat will be realized in morning session (last 8 times). These times have to be performed in a long course pool in the season up to the entrance date. Swimmers qualified with the 17, 18, 19 and 20 times will be substitutes.
    5. Super-Sprint: This event will take place after the relay. This competition, of 50m of each style and technique, will be organized with the eight better heat times. This event will take place with heats, happening elimination on every three, eliminating in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd heats 2 swimmers and leaving for the 4th heat the two finalists.
  2. Participation is OPEN - Absolute;


     1999 to 20021998 to 2001 
     01.10.50100 FREESTYLE01.03.50 
     02.32.00200 FREESTYLE02.15.00 
     05.15.50400 FREESTYLE04.45.50 
     01.18.50100 BACKSTROKE01.10.50 
     02.49.00200 BACKSTROKE02.32.00 
     01.27.50100 BREASTSTROKE01.19.50 
     03.10.15200 BREASTSTROKE02.53.00 
     01.16.00100 MARIPOSA01.08.00 
     02.47.50200 MARIPOSA02.31.00 
     02.47.50200 MEDLEY02.35.00 

    1998 + OLDER
    1996 + OLDER
     01.05.50100 FREESTYLE00.59.00 
     02.22.00200 FREESTYLE02.08.50 
     05.00.00400 FREESTYLE04.33.00 
     01.13.00100 BACKSTROKE01.05.50 
     02.38.00200 BACKSTROKE02.22.50 
     01.22.00100 BREASTSTROKE01.14.00 
     02.57.00200 BREASTSTROKE02.40.00 
     01.12.00100 MARIPOSA01.03.00 
     02.38.00200 MARIPOSA02.20.50 
     02.38.00200 MEDLEY02.23.50 

    2002 + OLDER
    2001 + OLDER
     00.31.0050 FREESTYLE00.27.50 
     10.15.00800/1500 FREESTYLE18.10.00 
     00.35.5050 BACKSTROKE00.32.00 
     00.39.0050 BREASTSTROKE00.35.00 
     00.33.0050 MARIPOSA00.29.50 
     05.40.00400 MEDLEY05.15.00 
     02.05.004X50 FREESTYLE01.50.00 
     02.20.004x50 MEDLEY02.05.00 
    1. If the number of participants (enrolments) in a trial is below 9 there will be a direct final.
    2. Each Club or team can only enrol one relay team per event;
    3. The composition of the relay teams must be supplied to the Jury at the beginning of each preliminatory /final;
    4. Any enrolled swimmer or relay team will have to, at least, match the TLP at the participated finals to be awarded the correspondent prize;
    5. If the TLP is not attained during preliminaries and the swimmer will not access finals A, the Club or team will be fined for each (30 €).
    6. If the TLP is not attained during final A, the Club or team will be fined for each (30 €).
    7. If the TLP is not attained during preliminaries, but the swimmer will access final A, the organisation will wait until the results of the finals in the afternoon. If the TLP is not attained during finals A the club or team will be fined for each (30 €).
    8. There will be a classification for clubs/teams for which points will be awarded according to the table below and as long as the respective TLP has been attained, either in individual or in relay events:

      FINAL A
    9. If there is a tie between two or more swimmers, punctuation resulting from the position attained will be added to the clubs represented. The number of points obtained will then be divided by the swimmers in question.
    10. For the 50m event the punctuation will be determined by the preliminary heats. The first eight places will punctuate as long as the time scored is not higher than T.L.P
    11. For the relay events, the points to be awarded will be the double of the ones of the individual events.
    12. To the Portuguese swimmers that will represent the Portuguese National Team, the individual event points will be assigned to the teams they are affiliated.
    13. The organisation can change the schedule of the trials in case of absolute necessity.
    14. All clubs (members of the several Associations) as well as all national and foreign teams invited can participate.
    15. Any absence, which has not been communicated to the Organisation until 30 ́ before the beginning of a session will be fined (50 €)
    16. Any absence to the final, which might have, has not been communicated to the Organisation until 30 ́ after the last heat of the respective event, will be fined. (80 €)
  3. Enrolments
    1. Clubs or teams must submit their preliminary applications until May 16th, 2014, including the indication of the expected number of swimmers, coaches and managers.
    2. Final enrolments with payment receipt (Clubs or teams that do not send this receipt will not be accepted) must be made prior to May 23th, 2014 to the following address:
      Associação de Natação do Norte de Portugal
      Rua António Pinto Machado, 60
      4100-068 Porto
      Tel. 351-22-6091652
      Fax. 351-22-6001207
    3. After May 23th, 2013, no further changes or replacements will be accepted.
    4. The registration of an individual swimmer must be accompanied by a fee of 4€ per event.
    5. The registration fee for relay events will be of 8€.
  4. Prizes
    1. Individual Prizes:
      1. The first three places in each final “A” will be awarded a medal.
    2. Individual Prizes by points
      1. The best male and female swimmers, that will obtain according to the FINA 2013 chart the best score in any of the events, will be awarded trophies.
  5. Collective prizes:
    1. There will be cups to be awarded to the three best clubs or teams.
  6. Jury of Appeal
    1. Any protest should be stated to the Referee and based is matter of law, in order to be accepted. Protests based in matters of fact will be refused, after appreciation by the Jury of Appeal, formed by the President of the Technical Committee and the President of the Committee of Judges.