XXXIV Meeting Internacional do Porto WOS

Porto Meeting with more than 400 swimmers, six are going to the European Championship

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 18:34 -- cgraca

XXXIV  Porto International Meeting, that is going to take place this weekend at the  Campanhã Swimming Complex, is going to have the participation of 413 athletes (218 male and 195 female) representing 57 teams.

To the 46 Portuguese clubs, are joining one Danish, six Spanish, two Italian and two Swiss teams.

Six of the 12 national swimmers with times for the European in Glasgow (3rd to 9th of August) are going to be present at this competition: Victoria Kaminskaya, Diana Durães, João Vital, Tamila Holub, Ana Catarina Monteiro and Raquel Pereira.

The Federation from Andalucia, with 32 enrollments, is the team with the highest number of swimmers in the competition, followed by FC Porto with 21 and Colégio Liceal de Santa Maria de Lamas with 17.

Rodolfo Nunes, regional technical director from the Associação de Natação do Norte de Portugal, considers that the competition is going to “have finals predicted to be disputed until the last milimetre, and the swimmers can't facilitate in the morning if they want to fight for the finals”.

For the director it will also be, “a competition with more quality and balance than the previous editions, having into account the national and international swimmers that are visting us and their good level”.

Rodolfo Nunes emphazises the main goals of the meeting: “Last adjustments in the Junior national team to the European Championship, national, regional and Porto Meeting records”.

On Saturday and Sunday, the preliminary heats are scheduled to 09.00 a.m and the finals to 4.30 p.m.

Porto International Meeting, organized by the Associação de Natação do Norte de Portugal in partnership with Porto Lazer, is the fourth and last competition integrated in the first edition of the Potuguese-Andalucia track.